This collection contains articles, often unpublished, relevant to ESS family physicians. The threads we draw together here come from the literature on rural surgery and operative delivery programs, rural generalist medicine, education and training of ESS physicians, and related policy statements. Where appropriate, we have included the original contributions to this literature from our own Canadian researchers.

Rural Generalist Medicine and Surgery

  1. The Expanding Role of the Rural Generalist in Australia – A Systematic Review
  2. Cairns Consensus Statement on Rural Generalist Medicine
  3. Final Report of the Task Force on the Future of General Surgery
  4. Report by the Royal College on Generalism (2013)


Symposia on Rural Surgical Programs

  1. Report on the Invitational Meeting on the Research Agenda for Rural Surgical Services (2005)
  2. Proceedings from the Invitational Meetings on Rural Surgical Services (2007)
  3. Final Report on the Banff Summit on Rural Surgery and Operative Delivery (2016)


Position Papers

  1. Joint Position Paper on Rural Surgery and Operative Delivery (2015)




  1. Joint Position Paper on training for rural family practitioners in advanced maternity care skills and caesarean section (1999)
  2. Position Paper on Training for Family Physicians in General Surgery (1999)


Training for ESS Physicians

  1. A Proposal for Training Family Physicians in General Surgery Skills (2006)
  2. GP surgeons’ experiences of training in British Columbia and Alberta: a case study of enhanced skills for rural primary care providers (2012)
  3. The Experience of GP Surgeons in Western Canada: The Influence of Interprofessional Relationships in Training and Practice (2013)
  4. General Practitioner Surgery: Anyone Interested? (2015)
  5. Certificate of Added Competence for Enhanced Surgical Skills – it’s about our privileges. (2017)


Perinatal Surgical Services

  1. Optimal Perinatal Surgical Services for Rural Women: A Realist Review
  2. Policy Brief: Optimal Perinatal Surgical Services for Rural Women
  3. Forum on the Sustainability of Rural Maternity Services (2014)
  4. Is rural maternity care sustainable without general practitioner surgeons (2006)
  5. Planning the optimal level of local maternity service for small rural communities (2009)
  6. Rural maternity care services under stress: the experiences of providers (2007)
  7. Does having cesarean section capability make a difference to a small rural maternity service? (2005)
  8. Rural perinatal surgical services: Time for an alliance between providers (2016)
  9. Centralized or decentralized perinatal surgical care for rural women: a realist review of the evidence on safety (2016)
  10. Patients at the centre: Sustaining rural maternity – it’s all about the surgery! (2016)
  11. The outcomes of perinatal surgical services in rural British Columbia: a population-based study. (2013)


Small Volume Rural Surgery Programs

  1. The Sustaining of Small Rural Surgical Services in BC (2013)
  2. Presentation to the RCCbc by Dr S Iglesias on GP Surgery and Anesthesia in BC (2012)
  3. Rural surgery in British Columbia: is there anyone out there? (2008)
  4. Delivery models of rural surgical services in British Columbia (1996-2005): Are general practitioner-surgeons still part of the picture? (2008)
  5. Role of the general practitioner in the delivery of surgical and anaesthesia services in rural western Canada (1995)
  6. Trends in small hospital medical services in Ontario (1998)
  7. Rural surgical programs in western Canada (2002)
  8. Advanced skills by Canada’s rural physicians (1999)
  9. Role of the general practitioners in the delivery of surgical and anesthesia services in rural western Canada (1995)
  10. Rural surgical services in two Canadian provinces (2006)
  11. The role of family physicians with enhanced surgical skills in rural Canada (2016) – abstract is on p. S108


Outcomes of Small Volume Rural Surgical Programs, Including Operative Delivery

  1. Appendectomies in rural hospitals: Safe whether performed by specialist or GP surgeons (2003)
  2. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy by family physicians: A national multisite study of 717 procedures (1990)
  3. Colonoscopy experience at a family practice residency: A comparison to gastroenterology and general surgery services (1997)
  4. Colonoscopy procedures at a small rural hospital (2004)
  5. Evolving colonoscopy skills in a rural family practice: the first 293 cases (1993)
  6. Colonoscopy by a family physician: A case series of 751 procedures (1997)
  7. Colonoscopy by a family physician: A nine year experience of 1048 procedures (1996)
  8. Outcomes of Cesarean sections performed by family physicians and training they received: A 15 year retrospective study (1995)
  9. Gryzbowski S. The outcomes of rural perinatal services in BC: a population‐ based study. Can J Rur Med 2013; 18(4): 123‐9.
  10. Ibrahim AM, Hughes TG, Jyoti RT, et. al. (2016) Association of Hospital Critical Access Status With Surgical Outcomes and Expenditures Among Medicare Beneficiaries. JAMA 315(19):2095-2103. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.5618


2016 Banff Summit Presentations

Click here to access presentations from the 2016 event


Curriculum Papers

  1. A Proposal for the Curriculum and Evaluation for Training Rural Family Physicians in Enhanced Surgical Skills. (2015)
  2. A Competency-Based Curriculum for Training Rural Family Physicians in Operative Delivery. 2017. JOGC 39(6): 474-477.




Letters to Editor


  1. Curriculum for Training Rural Physicians. 2017. JOGC 39(6): 411-12.



  1. Building rural surgery networks: An evidence-based approach to service delivery and evaluation. (2016)
  2. Iglesias S, Kornelsen J, Williams, K, Woollard R, and Kendal P. (unpublished) Rural Surgical and Obstetric Networks.



  1. Personal Best. (2011)
  2. Clinical Coaching: Literature Review. (2014)
  3. Peer-coaching with Health Care Professionals: What is the Current Status of the Literature and What are the Key Components Necessary in Peer-coaching? A Scoping Review. (2014)
  4. The Continuum of Coaching: Opportunities for Surgical Improvement at All Levels. (2015)
  5. Taking a chance or playing it safe: Reframing Risk Assessment Within the Surgeon’s Comfort Zone. (2015)
  6. Coaching Surgeons: Is Culture Limiting Our Ability to Improve? (2015)


Rural Trauma Care

  1. Reducing rural injury deathsfrom BC’s Trauma Rounds. (2018) – PDF

Texts and Educational Resource

   60. Global Surgery and Anesthesia Manual: Providing Care in Resource-limited Settings by John G. Mera and Craig D. McClain

61. Williams Gynecology and Williams Obstetrics

62. Fundamentals of Fetal Surveillance

63. Practical Plastic Surgery PDF

64. Local Flaps in Facial Reconstruction by Shan R. Bake

65. Top Knife: The Art & Craft of Trauma Surgery by Asher Hirshberg and Kenneth Mattox

66. Clinical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: A Comprehensive Atlas by Chun, Hoon Jai, Yang, Suk-Kyun, Choi, Myung-Gyu