BC Privileging Project 2015 (updated 2017)

The BC Privileging Project produced the first, to our knowledge, codified skill set for surgery performed by rural ESS Family Physicians. Credentialing for these procedures is the successful completion of the 12 month Prince Albert program or equivalent experience and training.

An update in 2017 was successful in eliminating all references to number of procedures performed either for training or for currency. Instead, there was a pivot to effective local CQI

Banff Summit Credentialing and Privileging

Discussion Paper – ESS Credentialing and Privileging
Emerging from the Banff Summit, Drs. Bret Batchelor and Fred Janke are leading a Working Group to publish a discussion paper that might serve as a tool kit for the Health Authorities.

Dictionaries of Clinical Privileges

The Dictionaries for clinical privileges for all BC physicians can be found at the website of the BC Medical Quality Initiative http://bcmqi.ca. A 2017 update to the Dictionaries is pending

Click to watch Dr. Stuart Iglesias’ presentation from the panel discussion on The Evidence Underpinning Privileging and Maintenance of Competency, Montreal, April 2015.

Please read “Certificate of Added Competency for Enhanced Surgical Skills – It’s About Our Privileges” for a viewpoint on how the present pivot by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and the Royal College (RCPSC) to elevate ESS training – including the Operative Delivery skill set – to Category 1 status and to award a Certificate of Added Competency (CAC) for ESS holds great promise for privileging.

Other publications

The Provincial Privileging Process will definitively impact medical practice and practitioners throughout the province of British Columbia when it is implemented. While there is general agreement that a high quality of medical practice is a worthy goal , the impact of the PPP on BC’s physicians – especially those practicing in rural regions – is hotly debated. Several articles expressing the concerns of rural physicians have been published in recent months: