CoPFM Enhanced Surgical Skills

As part of the Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) National Strategy there has been a significant amount of work down to advance the five pillars of the strategy:

  • College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) creation of ESS Community of Practice Committee
  • Curriculum development
  • Joint Position Paper
  • Quality Privilege Process
  • Communities of Practice (Networked Care)
    The CFPC Community of Practice in Family Medicine (CoPFM) has recently been formed and has had its inaugural meeting this spring. The Committee consists of representation from all the regions of Canada. While the final composition of the Committee has yet to be determined it does include ESS resident and/or new to practice physicians as a constituent group.

    In addition to increasing the visibility of and advancing ESS nationally, the CoPFM’s mandate within the CFPC includes advancing the educational opportunities for both ESS physicians, and Family Physicians. The Committee is also tasked with advising the Board of the CFPC on issues that affect ESS, and to assist in developing and delivering undergraduate and post graduate curriculum that is relevant to ESS.

    The most exciting development for the ESS CoPFM is the CFPC announcement that they have given the green light for ESS to explore developing a Certificate of Added Competency (CAC). While it not exactly clear what form this would take the CAC would be awarded to member physicians with ESS skills. It is expected that this CAC, along with the development of more accredited postgraduate training programs will advance the credibility of the profession and greatly facilitate the privileging process. It is important to remember that a CAC is different from a Special Designation (SD), such as the CCFP(EM) designation. There are currently no plans to introduce a SD for ESS.

    Our first task as a Committee is to identify ESS physicians and physicians that support ESS nationally. Concurrent to this we are identifying web resources which may be useful to ESS physicians. We are keen to involve as many physicians as possible in this. If you would like to be involved or have suggestions for membership and future directions please contact me,

For more information please visit the CFPC web site.