The following events provide ESS/OSS family physicians with the opportunity to engage in accredited learning, as well as networking with other ESS/OSS physicians.

Click here to read a background paper presenting an environmental scan of CPD opportunities for ESS FP rural surgeons

There has always been the intent that ESS/OSS physicians would draw on their specialist colleagues to whom they refer for CPD. With many of these  “networks” still in their infancy, there is a need to be somewhat proactive about CPD for ESS/OSS. A committee was struck including Fred Janke, Tom Windsor Smith, Randy Friesen, Jarred Van Bussell, Ryan Falk, Stu Iglesias, and a representative from midwifery.

Society of Rural Physicians (SRPC) launches ESS/OSS CPD Committee

The SRPC has convened a Standing Committee on CPD for ESS/OSS with its first chairperson, Dr. Ryan Falk ( from Inuvik, NWT.

Members are:

Watch for links to this Committee’s website at the SRPC web site

The SOGC Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference

June 26-19 Victoria

Courses on Cystoscopy, Forceps and Fetal Health Surveillance

The Canadian Surgery Forum 2018

Sept 13-15 St John’s, agenda pending


The Canadian Association of General Surgeons (CAGS) convened a Rural Surgery Summit as part of the national Canadian Surgery Forum (CSF) in Victoria on September 14, 2017.

View the agenda for the Rural Surgery Summit now

The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology 

SEE Courses (Colonoscopy Skills Improvement) Various locations and times