This formative meeting brought together ESS and OSS family physicians from across the country to discuss the state and future of rural surgery and operative delivery in rural Canada. Documentation from the event is linked below:

Summit on Rural Surgery and Operative Delivery — Banff 2016

Friday, January 22

  • 19:00-21:00  Reception and Registration

Saturday, January 23


06:30 Registration and Breakfast
07:30 Welcome – Dr. Granger Avery Pres Elect, CMA  
07:45  Overview: Objectives for the Day – Dr. S. Iglesias  
08:15  Panel : After the Joint Position Paper: What are our next steps? – SRPC , SOGC, CAGS, CFPC and RCPSC  

CAGS current Position Statement Rural and Remote Communities Final

09:45 Coffee
10:15 Workshops

Networks: to describe in detail the content and context of a sample Network, and to offer a tool kit with which to build a Network.

Credentialing and Privileging: to build a toolkit for the Health Authorities to credential and privilege the professional staff practicing within a Network

Operative Delivery: to propose how teaching the skill sets for operative delivery programs in these rural communities can be supported and nested within the Networks while preserving the access to training and the flexibility which have served rural Canada well.

Organization for Action: to propose an organizational solution that would include the stakeholders and would encourage robust initiatives to support and sustain rural surgery and operative delivery services eg how, and by whom, the ESS training programs can most appropriately be accredited and supported.

11:30 Lunch
12:30   Plenary: Networks – Presentation:10 minutes; Discussion: 20 minutes  
13:00   Plenary: Credentialing and Privileging
13:30  Break
14:00   Plenary: Operative Delivery
14:30  Plenary: Organization for Action
15:00  Break
15:30  Panel: Reflections and CommitmentsSRPC, SOGC, CAGS, CFPC, RCPSC 
16:00  Next Steps: Who will do What, by When
16:30 Close